Olive Oil Sommelier Program and Other Educational Activities

  • Junior Sommelier Program (a Junior Sommelier certificate is accorded upon completion of course)
  • Sommelier Program (coursework toward Olive Oil Sommelier certification)
  • Master Sommelier Program (the Most Advanced course for graduates Sommelier Program)
  • Certification Examinations (successful applicants are awarded the certificate of Olive Oil Sommelier)
  • Olive Oil Advisor Program for Culinary and Supply Chain personnel training program
  • Olive oil tasting courses (for continued learning at all levels)
  • Sensory Evaluation Master Course (for graduates Junior / Sommelier Programs)
  • Master Miller Course with leading milling instructors
  • Master Grower Course 
  • Study tours of producing regions (in Japan and overseas)
  • Language and culinary classes; other cultural programs
  • International Program available (Chinese program in Taiwan)